Cast Your Cares Your Gift In Memory Of "Toot"
You Will Not Lose Faith & Trust More of You, Jesus
The Year 2021 O What Love Blessings And Curses
Praise Him Always Take A Stand He Is The Light
Stay Centered In Him Blessed Assurance Have No Fear
Confident In Him He Is Sufficient His Yoke Is Easy
Calling Us Forward His Promises Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Another New Beginning A Tribute To Jackson's Family Onward and Upward
Forever Dwell Close To Thee His Presence (Presents)
See Us Through Have Faith In Him Another New Day
He Calleth You A Broken Link A Better View
No Greater Love Everyday Anew Blessings Come
My Plea Gratefully His I Am True And Faithful
Enter Into The Silence Face to Face Newness of Life
The Ultimate Sacrifice Pleasure and Treasure Open To Understanding
A New Beginning Listen Now A Glorious Path
Promises Are For You Count Your Blessings Sitting At His Feet
Be Vigilant We Doth Yearn Higher Ground
These Perilous Times Storms In Life Love Enfolds Me
Life For All Wholeness In Him The Journey Home
The Power Of His Might A Grateful Heart Our Steps
Seeking His View His Reflection Hanging By A Thread
Burdens Lifted At Calvary Stand Tall God Is Our Refuge
The Good Seed True Love Our Heavenly Abode
Harvest I Am The Vine The Greater Gift
Our Greatest Possession Wait Upon Him Life "Pre-sent"
His Loving Care Thank You, Jesus Trying Times
A Tribute To My Mom Abide In Me He Does Console
Never Ending Love We Have The Victory Change Is Coming
Walk With God Celebrate The Day The Shadow Of His Wings
Heart to Heart The Message In The Silence
A Treasure-Trove As We Ask My Hope
A New Day Love, The Greatest Treasure Because He Cares
The Path Renewed By Spirit Happy Birthday, Jesus 2013
To My Spiritual Sisters The Twin Within Thoughts Lead The Way
A Wondrous Day His Covering Why He Came
My Joy His Grace Give It Up
Love Or Fear Solace To My Soul The Garden Of My Heart
Nothing More Important His Plan Fear or Faith
Behold Your Days His Gift Love and Serve
Be Still and Know The Sail of Faith His Tender Mercy
Live In The Flow Let It Go He Sets Me Free
The Voice Of Love The Mighty Breath of Life His Loving Arms
Listen For His Voice Pieces Of The Puzzle I Am Your Heir
His Love Prevails Our Changing Times The Golden Key
The Quiet Within Give Unto Him Devotion Blessings Come To All
All Things New Happy Special Day In His Control
As You Graduate You Can Succeed Created To Be
His Wondrous Love Sister Of My Heart Soar Above It All
We Are Gems Looking To You, Lord A New Start
Make Your Choice I Am Thankful What Do You Do?
The Beauty of Spring In Memory of Lucy Celebrate (His Birth)
Bring In The New (Year) Don't Give Up A Soul In Tune
Freedom From Fear He Is Freedom What Is Your Song
Awaken From The Stillness You Hold My Heart Be Blessed
Remembrance Sweet Fellowship With Him The One In Charge
The Greatest Treasure His Heirs His Friendship
When Discouraged The Living Water A Friend In Need
He Calleth You Celebrate Me River of Life
He Is Love Rejoice! He's Alive
You Are Free To Be His Kindness God's Independence
Serenity and Peace No Doubt The Price He Paid
Remember God's Love The Greatest Gift Another New Year
God Is Love The Spirit Wind God's Bouquet
Father, May I? Behold! The Bridegroom Cometh My Thoughts
Understanding the Key His Mighty Hand The Blessings in a Day
Remember Me The Battle He Is My Best Friend
Safe in His Arms The Language of the Heart Fear Not
Give Voice Sing Your Song Waiting On God
I Am Deeply Grieved Peace In the Valley God Is Watching You
Love is God Test of Time My Source
I Know Not Walk and Talk With Jesus New Year 2006
The Greatest Love The Song Of God Listen
Remember Me Just Be Joy for Your Ashes
Yearning Only Love Hlm His Manna Is Provided
The Gift Are We Grateful? What Can I Give
A Prayer of Thanks Calling Us Back to Love Winds Of Change
Blessings Are Given There Dwells Within Come Into the Silence
The Freedom to Be Just Begin Again Blessings In The Moment
The Cup of Life Cherish the Love Immersed in Love
We Are Heirs A Thankful Heart The Angel's Path
Just Believe The Wayshower The l AM
When You Ask The Three R's Getting Our Attention
What Really Matters God Is Everywhere Be Kind To Another
Blessed Be They Drawing Near Through The Eyes of A Child
I Love You, God I Want to Talk With Jesus A Prayer for Friends
Awesome Promise A Fervent Plea Much Is Given
Your Special Day Finding God Live From The Heart
Transforming Love He So Loved Us Awaken
A Divine Appointment The Stranger An Anguished Cry
My Friend Beautiful Morning Seize The Day
Stay Aware The Sunlight Daily Walk
His Seraphim My Little Child Finding Peace
A Ray Of Hope His Sunshine Be Of Service
Your Wonders Walking Hand In Hand His Gracious Love
Magnify My Effort The Slate of Life Reaching Out
March To The Beat The Heavenly Jubilee Take Your Stand
So Grateful Fulfill His Plan Keep My Eyes On Thee
In Remembrance of Tara The Freedom To Choose You Touched My Heart
A Blessed Life Just Be Aware Do You Understand?
Transcend It All Blow Spirit Wind Help Me, Lord
A Friend Indeed God Will Set You Free His Many Gifts
My Earthly Goal Sharing Your Grief In Gratefulness

~Freedom Poems~

I speak to you from a heavy heart of the tragedy that befell our Nation on 9/11, and the subsequent results of that action. The harmony was the coming together in love and compassion for our fellow man, and the disharmony was our going to war.

Many families are bereft today because of our decision to intervene and help others to find freedom from tyranny. These are our heroes who have stepped forward and given of their life for others. To the loved ones left behind I send you my heartfelt love, appreciation, and gratefulness. With our God nothing is ever in vain. The memory of your loved ones live on in the hearts of many, and freedom for those oppressed.

Some of these writings were given after the 9/11 tragedy and some were written when both of our sons, our only children, were sent to war. This was a very difficult time, but one of learning and great trust. I was taught to let go and let God handle those things much too difficult for me alone to handle.

It is with a most grateful heart I saw them return, one to continue on and train soldiers, and the other to a different job in life.

May you find some comfort in these writings and may you find a new zeal in our belief of one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Freedom's Son Freedom's New Frontier The Cost of Freedom
Freedom's Pain Freedom's Curse Freedom's Stance
The Wars of Freedom The Heatbeat of Freedom Your True Light
Let Freedom Reign Freedom's Way Freedom's Cost
Freedom's Soldiers The Forgotten Freedom The, I Am
The Answer Freedom Isn't Free A Letter To My Son