Make Your Choice
Photography by Nina Langford

Make Your Choice

I love to revel in the stillness
and listen to Your Voice
I hear You whisper softly,
"you always have a choice."
Follow Me, I will show you
of what your soul doth seek
Come on and take Me by the hand
I'll give you just a peek.

It is too much to comprehend
in the human state of mind
Far beyond what your eye doth see
is the world you left behind.
You seek that which is unheard of
and there are very few that find
The well spring of living water
that with My life defined.

Choose ye this day and know within
that you are My Beloved
That everything has merit and is
controlled from up above.
Love will always be the key
that opens every door
You just have to make the choice
and I'll show you so much more.

(c) 2006 Karen Langford Brown

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