I Am Thankful


Soaring upon the wings of change
I seek Your blessings every day
For I know that Thou art with me
and will show me the way.
You foretold many years ago
of just what we would face
So as these things come to pass
I ask You, Lord, for Your Grace.

I get so caught up in worldly things
that I don't rightly see
That You are moving things along
and what will be, will be.
I choose not to live in fear
for that is not the way
For me to receive Your abundance
that You send each day.

You've said, "Look up" to all that is
that Salvation can be found
Lord, we have only to look for You
and see the blessings that abound.
Thank You! I am grateful
for knowing You like I do
Relieves tremendous pressure
and I just want to say, "I Love You"!

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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