He Is Freedom
The Reader, painted by Edouard Manet

He Is Freedom

As the end of my days draw nearer
I'm reminded of who and what I've been
Found out that stuff is not what matters
but what you find within.
The road less traveled is not easy
but along the journey I have found
The sweetest peace and contentment
that with Him doth abound.

The hounds of hell will be sent out
to assail you
They will test you to see just
what you will do...
When things do not run smoothly
what course will you pursue?
Give in, give up, is that the way
you will handle the storm?
Or let the pressures of the world
cause you to conform?

Stand up, I say, for what is right
for you have learned the truth
And sometimes learned the hard way
what you've been taught from your youth.
We serve a wondrous, loving God
who guides us along the way
He brings comfort, love and joy and peace
HE is more than I can say!

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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