God Is Everywhere
Photography by Nina Langford

God Is Everywhere

The shroud of the morning mist
covers all that I behold
And boldly I step into it
for its secrets to be told.
The bowers of the trees enfold me
as I wander there
In that mysterious, cloudy place
where there is not a care.

God joins me and entreats me
to ask of Him at will
All the things I want to know
my desires He would fulfill.
I am so in awe of His beauty
and all that He has made
I just stand before Him mesmerized
at all He has displayed.

How can I think to ask of anything
when I am so filled with awe
I think of requests that are so paltry
I start to just hem and haw.
He smiles at me so indulgently
that I can't, but help to laugh
For He already knows my heart
and I don't know the half.

We begin to stroll together and
as I unburden my soul to Him
His Spirit brings new life to me and
assurance, that all is not so grim.
Because He dwells within and is accessible
twenty-four hours a day
I can talk to Him anytime
all I have to do is pray!

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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