Your Special Day
Anker Die kleine Kartoffelschalerin 1886

Your Special Day

God smiled the day that you were born
because you were special in His eyes
And how He loves to take one attuned
and confound the wise!
He saw you when brokenhearted
and watched when you did cry
And when you'd reach out to Him
He always did reply.
His Hand was always upon you
for a special work that you would do
Even when you never realized it
He promised to never forsake you.

Now He is so overjoyed
to watch you hard at work
Doing what He asked of you
the call you did not shirk.
He wants you to ask for everything
even though He knows your need
You must understand and realize
that He does not consider it greed.
Your Heavenly Father loves you
more than I can ever say
He walks along beside you
and protects you every day.
So on this your own special day
know that Heaven does rejoice
That you chose to step out in faith
when you were given the choice!

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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