He So Loved Us
Painted by Szymon Czechowicz in 1758

He So Loved Us

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
how deeply does He love
Can we even begin to imagine, what goes on
in Heaven up above?
Do we move into the very flow of life
and feel His Presence there
Or open up our heart to Him
simply just to share?
Do we love our brother as our self
and do all that we can
To make his life a better place
according to God's plan?
Do we seek to find our place
and be all that we can be
Or do we hide the light within
that others can not see?
Do we claim the victory that is ours
simply because He came?
To be the example for us all
and His creation to reclaim...
Do we take the time to be thankful
and give glory to His Name?
The one and only Savior
the one that overcame...
All the sins that beset us
all went up in flame
And became a heavenly fragrance
because of His very name...
Lord of Lords and King of Kings
blessed be Thy Name
May all of Heaven and Earth rejoice
and Your victory proclaim!

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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