A Divine Appointment
Painting by Christina Rossetti

A Divine Appointment

I have a divine appointment with Jesus
I must tell Him all about...
The many things going on in my life
and I need His help, no doubt.
I've tried so hard to handle things
without success, I must admit
So I bring them to You, Dear Jesus
I need to sit with You a bit.

First I'd like to tell you
how very grateful I am
To have such a loving friend
to help me in a jam.
I don't know how I would make it
without You to lean upon
Thank You, Precious Jesus, for sharing
Your Love and strength to carry on.

Refreshed, renewed is how I now feel
when I've brought everything to You
Just knowing that You love me
gives me strength to carry through.
Make me an instrument of Thy Peace
and share You with someone else in need
Keep me ever close to Thee
I fervently, earnestly plead.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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