The Stranger
Painting by Claude Monet

The Stranger

I was walking down a dusty road
so burdened down with care
I was talking to my Savior
when suddenly there was a glare.
A stranger appeared beside me
who offered to share his bread
Would I care if he walked beside me
and shared the road ahead.

I told him he was welcome to
although I didn't want him there
I was speaking with my Savior
and now I had to share.
That lonely path with a stranger
I thought more than I could bear
When he spoke up and asked me,
"What was I doing there?"

I told him I was burdened down
my mind so filled with care
I had asked the Lord to help me
I hadtoo much to bear.
So that is why I'm walking
with nowhere much to go
Now tell me why you are here
and is that what you wanted to know?

Well...I was speaking with my Master
when He halted me and spoke
I hear the cry of someone
that is just about to choke.
Would you care to step in for Me
and show him I do care?
I said, "Of course I'd do anything
to prove that He was there."

So that's what I'm doing here
to show that He does care
That you are never, ever alone
He always hears a prayer.
So let's continue on our way
and see where He does lead
For He loves all His children
and always supplies their need.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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