My Little Child
Photography by Nina Langford

My Little Child

Through this dark night of my very soul
I will look to Him who hath
The power of life and death in His Hand
and will guide me on the path...
That will restore my sanity
and give me strength for the day
O Lord, I am sad and cry out to Thee
please show me the way.

I know You love all Your children
for You have told us thus
So why have You given and taken away
our little child from us?
We would have given her so much love
and nurtured her with care
Lord, we are so broken
are You listening, are You there?

"I am, My Child, and I love you
although you don't understand
The many aspects that make up My world
all are at My command.
This child was a special little soul
I sent into your life
Because I knew she would touch many
with her precious life.
So stand firm, and know all will be well
she is safe with Me
For I love all My children graciously
believe Me, one day you will see."

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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