The Slate Of Life
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The Slate Of Life

This slate that represents my life
lies blank before me this very morn
I will write upon the slate called life
and with every action will be borne
A day I may fill with happiness
or one that I may scorn
But it will still be written
and has been since I was born.

Faith and Love, Joy and Peace
I choose to bring into this day
Knowing my Savior leads me
and will help in every way.
Sure there are times when I lose my focus
and will be knocked down
But my Savior always picks me up
for this He is renown.

I ask that You lead and guide me, Lord
as I seek to honor Thee
Death is swallowed up in victory
when You do oversee.
This world You have made and given us
along with the free will
To choose how we will live this day
may I, Your Will fulfill.

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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