Reaching Out
Photography by Nina Langford

Reaching Out

As I have awakened this morning
my thoughts are immediately of Thee
Wanting to spend this day with You
and look beyond what I can see.
I know that I'm a small part of the whole
that we all belong to You
So help me, Lord, in reaching out
this course of life to pursue.

Lord, I feel like You are drawing me
but feel unworthy of the task
Why would You pick someone like me
is the question I would ask?
"Why not?" You answer so softly
that I have to strain to hear
Because I feel inadequate at best
and I am filled with fear.

My heart is turned to Thee, Lord
and I know fear is not of Thee
For You have told me repeatedly
"Fear is not of Me."
Lord, I need You to send Your Angels
to encamp round about
For I need, Your saving grace
that without a doubt.

I place myself within Your Hands
knowing that You love me
As I seek Your Face this morning
upon bended knee.
I want to be held securely
within Your loving embrace
Please give unto me just what I need
You are my Saving Grace!

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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