The Heavenly Jubilee
Photography by Connie Theriot

The Heavenly Jubilee

The things of this world perplex us
but one day will fade away
When we see Jesus come in His Glory
and we go back home to stay.
What a day that is to look forward to
and what rejoicing there will be
When we are all once more together
at the Heavenly Jubilee.

When we came here for a reason
so many never do find
What makes their heart beat faster
and their life fully sublime.
They run to and fro searching
for something outside themselves
When all the time it's within them
and within their heart dwells...

This spring of living water
will nourish all who find
And will constantly be available
to all of humankind.
The task that is set before us
is not difficult at best
It is simply another way that God
puts us to the test.

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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