Fulfill His Plan
House of Caiaphas where Jesus was scourged, Jerusalem
Photography by Lana Langford

Fulfill His Plan

Lord, as we seek to obey You
we don't always know where the Spirit will lead
And sometimes we feel left out on a limb
and Your Guidance we do so need.
You continue to lead and guide us
on this journey back to Thee
And we are uplifted greatly
as we bow on bended knee.

Help us this day to serve You
and bring honor unto Thee
For You are all that matters
and what You gave, to set us free...
To be all that You have desired
for my life to be
Rests securely in Your Hands
and as I live, so let it be.

I will go forth this day renewed
in Spirit and in Your Hands
To fulfill that which You desire for me
just make me aware of Your plans.
For I seek to know You more each day
and live within Your Will
For Lord, I do so love You
and Your plan I wish to fulfill.

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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