In Remembrance of Tara
Photography by Liz Vose

In Remembrance of Tara

I know that Tara has gone to live with You
but it has torn my life asunder
And in my human state of mind
I just always wonder...
In bringing forth new life, she gave her own
what is greater than this?
God, You know how I'm feeling
for You gave up Your Son like this.

O, God, how I do miss her
and at times go aimlessly about
Is she with You watching us?
I know she is without a doubt!
Lord, would You divulge the purpose
of why this was Your plan?
For I am still heartbroken
and would like to understand.

I know there is a greater plan
and we are all a part
Would You help me with this heartbreak
and allow the pain to depart?
I can see where You have used her life
and caused me to rest in Thee
For frankly, Lord, without Your help
I don't know where I'd be.

I will use the solace I have found in Thee
to help others along the way
For only in support of each other
will we find our way.
As we face the changes in our lives
please give us wisdom to see
That You are in control of all things
and we can just let it be!

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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