The Freedom To Choose

The Freedom To Choose

LORD, Your plans for us are always right
whether or not we can see
You are always in control, and in every circumstance
we can put our trust in Thee.
We may never understand why some things happen
that bring us such distress
But Lord, I've learned to trust Thee
so as not to live in stress.

The freedom You have given us
is always a choice we make
To be at peace and trust Thee
for You will never forsake...
Those who look to You for answers
are just a prayer away
From acquiring the assurance
You will show them the way.

So today I will just simply trust You
to work things for my good
For You know the plans You have for me
and it is all for good.
I will leave You now, with a grateful heart
as joy fills my soul
Knowing You are in control of all
and will make me whole.

(C) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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