You Touched My Heart

You Touched My Heart

My heart was touched by you today
because you were in such pain
I talked to God about it, asked Him
to relieve the strain.
None can advise you what to do
for how would we know best?
For the road that you must travel
is, very simply your test.

There is only One that has the answers
He is always there with you
Urging you on the pathway
encouraging you in all you do.
Look to Him, repeat His Name
over and over again
For He will hasten to your call
and will help you from within.

So look up and be so grateful
for the day He's given you
To go forth and show you trust Him
He will take care of you.
You have His love always
His Hand is upon your life
So stay in constant touch with Him
He will take care of the strife.

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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