A Blessed Life
Photography by Patrick Moore

A Blessed Life

The birds are singing this morning
a beautiful refrain
As they greet the dawning of the day
after the cleansing rain.
They go about singing merrily
just glad to be alive
On such a beautiful morning
they expect to thrive.

As is true for us too, today
the choice is ours to make.
Will we sing from our hearts
as we greet this new daybreak?
What peace and joy doth abound
when we look for the good in all
For this is what God intends
to be our protocol.

Look up today and rejoice because
you have another chance
To choose for yourself wisely
and your life enhance.
Be grateful, for in all things
He does know what is best
And believe me when you choose His Way
your life will be truly blessed!

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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