Just Be Aware

Photography by Nina Langford

Just Be Aware

What really have I done for You
when all is said and done?
What will have mattered in my life
when I greet the One?
The One in charge of Creation
and owns everything that is
How will I explain anything
about what all is His?

I am here but for a season
so what will I have done
With the time allotted to me
to be of service to the One?
In this life what is expected of me
and what will really last?
When it is my time to leave
will it matter what was amassed?

No, only those things that can't be bought
with both silver and gold
Will be all that matters
when in His Presence we behold
The scroll that contains our life
and what is written there
Will be all that is important
so it is imperative to be aware.

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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