Help Me, Lord

Help Me, Lord

Lord, help me when I falter
to fully make amends
And when the winds blow mightily
be like the reed that bends.
Gently, swaying in the breeze
knowing I may stand
Through any and all weather
because You hold me by the hand.

Forgive me, Lord, as I live
when I have failed You so
I'm just so thankful and grateful
that to You I can go.
Ever striving for perfection
I know it just can't be
For in my very humanness
lies the very key.

I strive to be more like Thee
but just can't get it right
But You are right there with me
and know all about my plight.
Again I ask forgiveness and
Your help to carry on
As I begin anew today
and face another dawn.

(2009) Karen Langford Brown

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