His Many Gifts

His Many Gifts

What does God expect of me,
but to walk humbly in His Ways
That He may bestow the gifts He has for me,
as I live out my days.
He says that I must but ask Him
and He will freely give
All that is needed in my life
so I may truly live.

So many times I have wasted
opportunities He has sent
The day is gone before I know it
and I wonder where it went.
The days are swiftly rushing by
what did I do today?
To give Him honor and the praise
for His many gifts this day.

There are too many blessings
like manna from Heaven sent
To enrich the life He's given me
therein to be content.
So I will count my blessings
and keep my focus there
He wants what is best for me
for I'm His child and His heir!

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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