CHRISTmas 2009

CHRISTmas 2009

What gift can I give You, my Lord
as I celebrate Your birth?
What would be meaningful to You
as I live here on Earth?
I know that I can purchase nothing
for all belongs to You
So as I seek Your Will this morning
please give me a clue.

"I want your full attention
your heart and mind set on Me.
You will find things quite different,
be patient, and you will see.
That things of your world are fleeting
and will not stand the test of time
But those who look always to Me
are certainly considered mine.

Loving yourself, and one another
forgiving all as I have done
Is one of the greatest gifts
you can give unto the Son.
Love is all that matters
and will be all that will survive
So keep yourself attuned to this
until I do arrive."

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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