Sweet Fellowship With Him

Sweet Fellowship With Him

Sweet fellowship with You this day
is my heart felt desire
The longings You place within my heart
always do inspire.
To talk with You each morning
is always such a pleasure
You fill me up and nurture me
what a tremendous treasure!

My heart yearns for understanding
of all that You are
And gazing upon the starry night
I wish that upon a star.
You made the Heavens and the Earth
and all that dwells therein
How can I ever fathom this
I ask time and time again?

You are so beyond comprehension
and with awe I come unto Thee
Asking for Your continued help
as I bow on bended knee.
Without You, I could do nothing
without You, I would not be
So help me Lord, in this daily walk
to draw closer and closer to Thee.

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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