As we look upon and observe
the beginning of a new year
We bow our head in thankfulness
for all that we hold dear.
The Lord has dealt mercifully
with His children upon Earth
He has lovingly cared for us
ever since our birth.

As we look back and contemplate
all that we have done
Was our life given in service
and in honor to the One?
Who gives life and that abundantly
to all of them who ask
Was the promise He made to man
as in His Love we bask.

Failures and trials come to all
simply for us to see
That He lovingly cares for all
and will help us to be...
All that He envisioned
with victory all the way
Is what He envisions for man
each and every day.

So look forward to all
that He does send
Knowing in your heart
there is no end...
To what He has
in store for man
Will be according
to His Plan.

So rejoice this day
in all He does send
Knowing in all that
you have a friend...
That stands with you
to help you through
I speak honestly
of that which is true.

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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