LOVE encamps within my heart
and dries up all my tears
LOVE will take care of all things
as has been done throughout the years.
LOVE will bring you through the hard times
when all you've tried has failed
LOVE will hold you close and safe
until all has been unveiled.

LOVE patiently awaits the moment
when you ask His help in prayer
LOVE is overjoyed with your request and
the opportunity to share.
LOVE says when two are joined together
and in one accord
LOVE is right there with them
and adds strength to the cord.

LOVE is all that really matters
when all is said and done
LOVE gave to us His very all
when He gave up His Son.
LOVE loves us beyond measure
more than we can ever know
LOVE asks that you come to Him
and step into the flow.

(c) 2010 Karen Langford Brown

"...God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God,
and God abides in them."
I John 4:16

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