His Wondrous Love

His Wondrous Love

This journey I've embarked upon
begins with a single step
All the things that have gone before
have served to help me prep...
To receive of His bountiful mercy
to walk in His wonderful ways
Leaving behind old habits
asking Him to guide my days.

The world is so full of His wonders
I marvel at His display
Night befalls much too quickly
and suddenly it is another day.
Is it just me or is it so
that time seems to be flying by?
There is so much I want to do
sometimes I just have to sigh.

Thank God that we will live forever
in another place and time
So we may explore His wonders
where all will be sublime.
What a beautiful promise He has given
to everyone that calls...
And believes that this is for real
and gives to Him their all.

(c) 2010 Karen Langford Brown

"That all the people of the earth may know that the
LORD is God, and that there is none else."
I Kings 8:60

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