Sister Of My Heart

Sister Of My Heart

What does it mean to really be a sister,
it is not by birth that it is always so.
We meet a special someone
and we just immediately know...
That God sent them to us forever
to be part of our life
They bring such joy and friendship
that becomes larger-than-life.

Your heart recognizes a kinship
that can't be described in words
It becomes the sweetest melody
the most beautiful ever heard.
The laughter and the sharing of lives
the awesome feeling of complete trust
Is something not encountered often
in this world filled with such mistrust.

Thank You, God, for sending my friend
this beautiful sister of my heart
The time we have spent together
I know it is just a start...
Of what You have in store for us
as we travel back to Thee
God grant us blessings from above
as together we will always be.

(c) 2010 Karen Langford Brown

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