Give Unto Him Devotion

Give Unto Him Devotion

Do you give gifts unto your children
that no one else would give?
Well, our Heavenly Father does
so that we might live...
A life full of abundance
is given to one and all
Some gifts we do acknowledge
and so many we don't recall.
We just take so much for granted
every day we are alive
The wondrous heavenly gifts He gives
wanting us to thrive.
Our Lord, the greatest gift of all
how can we not repay?
With our complete devotion
for Him having paved the way...
Giving unto us the victory
in choices that we make
How could we forsake this wondrous gift
given for our sake?
So as we celebrate His Birth
I ask you to stop and think
About all the gifts He gives to you
for we are certainly on the brink...
Of destroying something so precious
that words could never say
How much He truly loves us
and wants for us to stay...
Within His protective loving arms
He cradles us each day
Give unto Him your very all
fall upon your knees and pray..
That He will continue to have mercy
upon what His Hands hath made
May we diligently seek His Will
and face this life unafraid...
Of what mere man may do unto us
is of no consequence to Him
For He takes notice of everything
and will fill our hearts to the brim...
With His loving kindness
He will make all things new
So unto You, LORD, I give the gift of me
my heart continually renew.

(c) 2010 Karen Langford Brown

Thank You, Wondrous Savior, for the unspeakable
treasures You planted in
my heart.

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