What Do You Do?

What Do You Do?

Have you ever thought about how we are caretakers
of all that God has wrought?
That we don't own or possess anything
even though that is our thought.
That is why we come here with nothing
and take nothing when we leave
For we are all simply caretakers
no matter what we believe.

When I look around and see the beauty
and all that He has made
I stand amazed and confounded
at what He has displayed.
I realize that I am nothing, but
yet part of all that is
And my heart leaps within for joy
because I am His.

I will make the effort to remember
that I have a job to do
Taking care of His Creation
is what I must pursue.
Everything is at my disposal
and I have everything I need
To fulfill my job in His Kingdom
that will be my creed.

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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