Give It Up

Give It Up

Hear the roar of the ocean
listen deeply for My Voice
I tell you very simply
that everyone has a choice...
To love the world that I created
or to love Me more...
That is the question before you
need I say any more?

The obstacles you encounter
are designed to have you ask
If I will come and help you
with your daily tasks
I love it when you ask Me
you acknowledge I Am there
And I will always help you
every burden I will share.

Have faith and believe in miracles
for I perform them each new day
My loving care is for one and all
say "Jesus" and I Am on the way
I paid the price so you may have
victory in your very life
So be at peace and shout for joy
and give unto Me your strife.

(c) 2013 Karen Langford Brown

"Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth
for you." 1 Peter 5:7

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