To My Spiritual Sisters

To My Spiritual Sisters

To you precious spiritual flowers
all beautiful in your own way
Who would have ever thought that
you could bond within a day!
From the heart the mouth will speak
of thoughts sent from God above
What a refreshing, and joyful time
all because of His Love!

Time is certainly fleeing by
and which of us can say
That we will be here tomorrow
or have another day...
So it is all important now
to express the love within
To lift each other up in prayer
to forget all that once had been.

Go forth renewed and refreshed
He doth gladly say
For we have been in His Presence
and are part of His Bouquet.
Bloom where He has planted you
in His Garden of Prayer
Spread your roots deep in His Word
He will nourish you there.

(c) 2013 Karen Langford Brown

"But we will continue to devote ourselves
steadfastly to prayer and the ministry
of the Word."
Acts 6:4

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