A Friend In Need

A Friend In Need

LORD, My friend is so broken hearted
and weighed down with care
She feels as if her life doesn't matter
and that no one is there...
She takes care of one and all
and is simply drained within
Lord, please help her in this misery
and show her she can win.

Sometimes life just overwhelms us
and we don't know what to do
We just want to check out on life
and do nothing but boohoo.
This is when You are needed so
to take us by the hand
And show us that with Your help
we can take a stand.

Help her Lord on this day
to feel Your gentle touch
Let her know in some profound way
that You love her very much.
She has lost her way, but for a moment
and needs Your tender care
To be led back upon the path
where the two of you may share.

Thank You, Lord for hearing my cry for help
for this loved one very dear
Draw her to Your bosom, Lord
let her know You are near.
I will do my part to encourage
and point the way to Thee
Please help my dearest friend
this is my earnest plea!

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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