Seeking His View

Seeking His View

As I wait upon the Lord today
there are distractions at every turn.
As I lay my burdens at His feet
patience in Him, I must learn.
He is in charge of all that is
which is so hard to comprehend
But He daily walks beside us
and will do so till the end.
So today I will consciously seek
to ask of Him before I do
What is His Will for my life
what would He have me pursue?
He dearly loves each of us
and we all have a job to do...
That we can only accomplish
when we seek His view.
He knows what is the best for us
and gives us great success...
So today I will keep Him in mind
and my efforts He will Bless.

(c)2016 Karen Langford Brown

"In your patience possess ye your souls."
Luke 21:19

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