A Tribute To Jackson's Family


A Tribute To Jackson's Family

I can't begin to understand the pain and loss
that you are going through
I only know this for a fact that God
loves and cares for you!
We can't begin to understand His ways
as you cry out in pain
But by His mercy and His grace
He will help you to obtain...

An outlook that is different and
all that has gone before...
Is swallowed up in the midst of time
and this you can't ignore.
Somehow, some way God will send
comfort to your aching heart
And will sustain you mercifully
as your world falls apart.

He gave His Son for all of us
and now you understand
As your son has been given
back into His Hand...
One day you will see him
and walk hand in hand again
What a beautiful thing to hold onto
and to this we say amen!

(c) 2019 Karen Langford Brown

"Be strong and take heart, all you
who hope in the LORD."
Psalm 31:24

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