(A very special agility dog)

When someone dies like Lucy
it may be hard for some to understand
Just how special she was to you
as you and Ralph would know firsthand.
Their spirit does commune with ours
although our language may not be the same
But as we commune with each other
love is the name of the game.

Her presence will stay with you
as you recall memories of her life
Some will make you laugh out loud
others will cut just like a knife.
It hurt you to see her suffer
but you did everything you could
And now she is released to run and play
and everything is good.

So please don't grieve, my precious friend
for she would not have it so
She is in such a better place
she would have you know.
She is grateful for the time with you
to love, and live, and learn
And now she is at the greatest meet
and it is her turn!

(c)2008 Karen Langford Brown

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