Understanding the Key
Evening Landscape 1910 by Tiffany Studios

Understanding the Key

The key to understanding is simple and quite true
There will never be another just exactly like You
We all make things so difficult in not understanding You
So exactly what is the solution, what are we to do?
First, you must but trust ME, to know what is best.
I will gently lead and guide you, in ME, you must but rest.
I've known you like none other will ever hope to do
And I've made you for a reason, but you must follow through.
If you would but simply look to ME, in everything you do
Your understanding will be opened, and peace you will exude.
You need but follow in my footsteps, they were made for you.
The guidebook has been written, now it is up to you.
Understanding will come simply, for I dwell within you
Your body is the temple I use to abide with you.
I will never leave, nor forsake you, I did what I must do
To make all things possible and available to you.
So take up your cross and follow ME, I will carry you.
Your cross will never be too heavy, I will see you through!

2004 Karen Langford Brown

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