His Mighty Hand
New Orleans

His Mighty Hand

Don't be so quick to blame God
for something He did not do.
He allowed Satan to destroy things
but not lay a hand on you.
I think He got our attention
for how long I cannot say,
For we will start to build anew
and just go along our way.
Your might and power are awesome, Lord,
for when we look at what is left,
We are humbled at Your Majesty
and thankful You hid us in the cleft.
What are you saying, Lord, to us,
what battle was fought here?
When we see the destruction of what was dear,
our heart is filled with tears.
Is this how You feel, Lord,
when we so heedlessly destroy
That which You have entrusted to us
to love and to enjoy?
Please forgive us, Lord,
for taking our eyes off of You.
In this world, You are what matters.
I'm so happy I have You!

2004 Karen Langford Brown

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