The Blessings in a Day

Courtyard in Jerusalem

Photography by Lana Langford

The Blessings in a Day

When I try to make things happen
as I am wont to do
He reminds me I'm not in control
and shows me who ...
Put this all together and
keeps it running smooth
for it is His desires that matter
and He has nothing to prove.
This world and all belong to Him
who spoke and it was done.
Oh! What awesome power
that He has shared with everyone
We need but awaken each new day
and observe what He has sent ...
And ask Him how to serve Him
in this day that He has sent.
We take too much for granted
and don't appreciate the One
Who made everything possible
and sent to us His Son.
He came to show us how to live
and honor the Father above.
So now it is up to us
to show Him all our love.

2004 Karen Langford Brown

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