Waiting On God

Statue of Peter's Denial of Christ, Jerusalem
Photography by Lana Langford

Waiting On God

Thank You, Jesus, for honoring my commitment
to walk with Thee each day
You have honored me in so many ways
it is hard to say...
What I am most thankful for
there really is no end
To what You give to me each day
all these blessings that You send.
Thank You, for looking upon my heart
and helping me to stand
For all that You've created
and especially for Your Hand...
That continually rests upon me
to protect, lead and guide.
Thank You, Jesus, for Your Love
and staying by my side.
Now I must go forth into this world
and do what You would do
I must pray and wait on You, Lord,
for I don't have a clue...
As to what You want from me, Lord,
concerning this brand new day
I'll just patiently wait for You, Lord,
to come and show me the way.

(c) 2005 Karen Langford Brown

So he trembling and astonished, said,
"Lord, what do You want me to do?"
Acts 9:6

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