Peace In the Valley
Mount Kearsargein Spring painted by W Paskell

Peace In the Valley

May there be peace in your valley
when you feel all alone.
God has not forsaken you
for He has always shown
That He cares about His children
is obvious to see.
He wants you to share His love
so from Him, do not flee.

He watches every moment
desiring that you ask
For Him to come and join you
and help you with your task.
He will send His mighty angels
to help with all you do,
But you have to ask Him
for His point of view.

He knows what we have need of
and wants to help us so.
With free will. it is our choice.
Will He be our friend or foe?
So today, look up to Him
the One Who loves you so
And allow Him to help you
make it Heaven here below.

2005 Karen Langford Brown

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