Great change is coming here to Earth
you've seen the results thereof
God is doing a work in mankind
so that below may be as above...
And all those that will heed the signs
may be blessed and live in His love
Oh, what wondrous joy there is
when we dwell in brotherly love.

In this fast paced world we have given away
so much quiet time with Him
That our life has become a merry-go-round
and we must sink or swim.
He says that all we must do is ask of Him
and our needs He will supply
So in this New Year He is giving us
won't you look for help from on high?

His angels, messengers of His light
are there to heed the call
When we get fed up with our life
and decide to give Him our all.
Such blessed peace and joy and love
await those who call on Him
He patiently awaits the call
to fill us to the brim.

Sit down and talk with Him today
just like you would a friend
He hears the cry of one and all
and His angels do descend...
To help His beloved creation
know who they are in Him
His loving care and kindness
is not based upon a whim.

Rejoice! Bring in a brand New Year
with the feeling of joy
For we are made in His image
and a source of His pride and joy.
Give up those things that don't delight
and bring the feeling of peace
And look to Him, our Creator
for His wonders never cease.

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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