Love Is God
Anselm Feuerbach

Love Is God

Only in loving thyself can you love ME.
I made you in My image and dwell within you.
Walk in the path I have set before you.
I have instilled everything you need within you.
It is your job to go within and find ME.
Why else would I say, "Be still and know that

By observing your every thought and deed
and measuring each,
will you begin to know your true self.
Walk in the path of precepts I have set before thee.
They are neither easy or hard, they are mine.
Your daily walk in all instances will reveal
that which you hold dearest to thine heart.

You are each intricately made, no two alike.
You are distinct, have your own path, your own purpose.
Know that all dwell within Me and I in thee.
Honor that which is the highest good,
radiate my love.

Honor, love and cherish all that I have made.
I say, "Bring forth that which I have instilled in Thee:"
" ... thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
I am the Lord.'"
Leviticus 19:18 (KJV)

To Thine Own Self Be True and Honest!

2005 Karen Langford Brown

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