Test Of Time
The Seamstress, painted by Joseph DeCamp

Test Of Time

Another year has come and gone,
how did it go so fast?
Fleeting, fleeting rushing on
like a river running past.
My question is, what have I done
with the swiftly passing year?
Did I keep my mind on Jesus
and watch for Him to appear?
Did I fill my time with useless things
that won't matter in the end?
Or did I spend a lot of time with Him,
my endearing, Greatest Friend?
As usual at this time of year,
I take time to sit and reflect
About the things that went on this year
and what was the effect.
Life seems to be more trying,
have I that much more to learn?
Is the question I ask my Dearest Friend
and for His counsel do I yearn.
I want to be more like Him
and stand the test of time
And one day clearly hear Him say,
"You are truly mine."

2004 Karen Langford Brown

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