Don't Give Up
Painting by Antonio Mancini

Don't Give Up

DON'T GIVE UP Sometimes I feel so weary
and pressed to just carry on
Weighed down with responsibilities
I dread to face the dawn.
I know I should not feel this way
but my heart feels so heavy inside
I don't see how I can face another thing
and just take everything in stride.
I wonder sometimes if I could run away
and just be carefree for a day
What that would really feel like
at this time, I cannot say.
I know, I know all of the cliches
but they aren't helping at this time.
Trying to trudge up this steep mountain
has not been an easy climb.
I've thought and wondered about the test
and what my lesson is to learn
I've asked God to help me understand
as to Him I turn.
In the stillness I can feel Him
and know He meets me there
He is there to comfort me
as my soul I simply bare...
I come away refreshed, renewed
knowing He helps me through...
Another day to live for Him
until my job is through.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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