Rech 1900


The beauty of God surrounds us
it is up to us to partake...
Of His endless wellspring of goodness
given for our sake.
How many times do we awaken
thanking Him for this day
Do we take any time to savor
the breath He has sent our way?
Our lives can literally rob us
of the good He would give to us
If we would but seek Him early
asking His direction would be a plus.
He wants only what is good for us
so why would we hesitate
To seek his face and love Him
before it's oh, too late.
My heart's desire is ever present
and I constantly seek His face
Wanting, yearning to know Him more
as His truths I do embrace.
Father God, I Love You and
want to please You so
Come and make Yourself known
and make me completely whole.

(c) 2006 Karen Langford Brown

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