The Gift
Painting by Rossetti

The Gift

I tried to open the gift He sent
but did not yet understand
That before me was the grandest gift
the greatest in all the land.
I carefully opened the beautiful gift
and was so surprised to find
There was nothing for which my eyes could see
I wondered if I was just blind.
I sensed there was something special
about this gift He sent
And it was going to be up to me
to find out exactly what it meant.
So I quietly went within myself
to the very center of my heart
And opened it wide so I might receive
and communicate heart to heart.
He bathed my heart in His pure love
so I could feel Him there
And softly whispered in my ear
how much He had to share.
The size and scope of what He offered me
was more than I could take
My mind rebelled and my heart beat fast
asI considered what was at stake...
How I had sold myself so short
in receiving all that He had sent,
My heart opened wider as I contemplated
just what He had meant...
His greatest gift was for my taking
and there would never be an end
To all the wonders He had in store for me
as upon Him I would depend.
So I graciously accepted His grandest gift
and thanked Him from my heart
So very thankful for His precious gift
that afforded me a new start.

(c) 2006 Karen Langford Brown

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