Are We Grateful?
Evening Sky by Nina Langford

Are We Grateful?

Are we truly thankful
each and every day
Of the many blessings
that God has sent our way?
Do we sit quietly and
strive to hear His Voice
Or do we just go on our way
and think nothing about that choice?
Are we ever grateful
for every breath we draw
Or take it all for granted
instead of being in awe?
Are we ever mindful
of what we have in store
Or do we just think of wanting
more and more and more?
Will we ever just sit quietly
in His Presence, and be still
And come away with the feeling
that we know His Will?
Will we ever get it right
and surrender to Him our all
Or go right on along our way
until He sends a wake-up call?
How our ego wars against the One
that came to show us the way
That we may live in victory
each and every day.
So again, I choose this very day
to live the best I can
To bring Him honor and glory
and live according to His plan.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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