What Can I Give

What Can I Give

I sat down to make my list for presents
for those I hold most dear
And as I contemplated on my task
I felt my Lord draw near.
I thought of on our birthday
how we are solely honored then
And how we celebrate His Special Day
by giving to all men.
It really made me wonder
as to how this did all begin
When it is His Special Day,
we forget Him, time and time again.

My list became insignificant
as I thought of how to honor Him.
On this the most honored of days
my thoughts were very grim.
What in the world is this all about
as we run to and fro,
Stressing endlessly and needlessly
spending on friend and foe.
We recklessly push thoughts of Him aside
as we consider it a season
Instead of focusing solely on Him
the One that is the reason.

It all became so meaningless
as I beheld Him there
He asking me, "What are your thoughts
and do you truly care?"
Of course, I care, I cried out to Him
You are my very all.
Because of You, I am so blessed
in spite of all my flaws.
"Well then, what present will you give
on My Special Day?"
I sat here contemplating on
just what I could say.

There is no gift that I could purchase
that would satisfy
Then I thought of You, Dear Lord,
I, in some way could exemplify.
"So in my place, what would You give
in honor of this day?"
I heard Him gently say to me,
"Go out and find someone today ...
Someone who needs a helping hand,
someone who needs a smile,
Spend some time with them today
and go that extra mile."

I'm glad I had this time with You, Lord,
the Keeper of my days.
May I go forth with a new perspective
and not be in a daze.
May I ever keep before my eyes
the Christ in all I see.
And may I honor You, all my days
for the Greatest Gift,
You gave to me.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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