"The Gate In The Rocks" by Karl Friedrich Schinkel


My soul thirsteth for Thee, in this dry and barren land
So many things are happening, that I don't understand
I know that You walk with me, and hold me by the hand
But God, I still cry out for You, to help me take a stand.

I am nothing without Thee, Lord, in fact I would not be
Here to make a difference and accomplish all for Thee
I AM, the Creator of all that is, and will ever be
Resides deep inside of me, come forth that I may see...

This world as You envision it, and my place in Thee
Grant me strength to carry on, I give my all to Thee.
I will focus on this moment, and listen for Your Voice
That whispers to me softly, that I always have a choice.

This road leads me nowhere, and this one leads me home
I must traverse this path to Thee, as through this life I roam.
My sights are set on Thee, Lord, I will not deviate from the path
That You have set before me, for I know the aftermath...

For a soul not in tune with Thee, and choosing on its own
Is headed for disaster, and will soon dethrone...
The One that gives the very breath, and gives meaning to this life
In the end is all that matters, and will cut asunder with its knife...

Those that took the high road, and those who took the low
Those who did not want Him, and those who chose to grow
In love and light and obedience and always wanting to know
The One and Only Spirit and stay within its flow.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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