Blessings Are Given
Photography by Nina Langford

Blessings Are Given

Showers of blessings are given
to each and every one.
Some will be willing to receive
and others will simply shun ...
All that God has given
to make our lives worthwhile
Have been revealed to one and all,
do you receive all with a smile?

God loves His children very much
and would have us all partake ...
Of all His glorious riches bestowed
we all may have a stake.
All things are given unto us
for our journey here on Earth
God values us tremendously
yet we do not consider our worth

We represent the Great I AM
for we are the family of God.
Do we take the time to bow our heads
and be completely awed?
Ask ... Believe ... Receive ... from Him
everything that you need.
He is always at the ready
to commune with us and lead.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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